What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program?

Millions of people know and trust Amazon and it will be one of their top ‘go to’ websites of choice to buy products due to the variety of items and Amazons strict policy of customer service for buyers.

Amazon launched their program back in 1996 so probably well before you even knew about affiliate marketing like me. What the program means is that you are able to refer traffic from your site to products that are featured on Amazon easily. If your traffic buy the product you are referring you will receive a commission from this.

How Do You Join The Program?

Pretty simple head over to Amazon through this link and select join now.

Once you have filled in your personal details move on to the next page of the sign up process.

Your top level domain (TLD) is literally your website name so unlike other sites you will be required to enter your https:// or http:// you do not need to do this here. For example for my site it would just be nobullshitblogging.com that I would enter here.

You will be asked if your site is aimed at children under 13, select yes or no and continue to the next step.

Answer the questions about what your website and the subject, how you will drive traffic and what products you want to promote.

After you have verified your contact phone number by entered the pin code that will display on your screen when you call the ‘call me now’ button and clicked that you agree to their terms and conditions you will receive confirmation of your account.

Enter your tax and your bank details where you would like your payment sent to either now or later this will need to be completed before you receive any payouts though. If you are a NON US Citizen you will need to know your tax identification such as your National Insurance number.

One you are an accepted Amazon Affiliate you have a great opportunity to advertise products across the range however Amazon are very strict on violation through their program.

I would suggest you read through as boring as it may seem as there are plenty of them the terms and conditions of being one of their affiliates to make sure that your partnership is a successful one for both parties.

Very important to remember before you start planning on spending your gains, remember that anything you earn could be taxed.

Amazon Disclaimer That You Need To Show

You need to remember to have the correct disclaimer ideally on every page that you may have an affiliate link to Amazon so that people are aware of your relationship to products. It does not cost the traffic that you reach to buy through your link but you do need to be seen as informing your audience or risk losing your relationship with Amazon and being black listed.

Your name is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

If you do not read the policy be warned that you are at risk of violating Amazons partnership agreement and you could be removed from the program indefinitely.

Three Main But Maybe Not Obvious Rule Breakers

Amazon referrals codes can be lengthy if you do not use their link shortener however do not try to use any shortening tools as this is a violation.

“You will not cloak, hide, spoof, or otherwise obscure the URL of your site containing Special Links (including by use of a redirecting page) such that we cannot reasonably determine the site from which a customer clicks through such Special Link to the Amazon Site.”  

“In addition, you must not use a link shortening service in a manner that makes it unclear that you are linking to an Amazon Site.”  

Amazon Affiliate Program Policies

Do not use Amazon affiliate links in Ebooks, PDF’s or emails that could be viewed offline, easiest way is to stick to your blog posts.

And lastly on this subject DO NOT buy anything through your own links.

How To Use Amazon Affiliates Program Effectively To Increase Your Income

Don’t go referring things just for the sake of it, make sure it’s relevant to your subject. If you have set up a niche site around caring for kittens then it wouldn’t be relevant to promote jewellary or TV’s. You could however link to:

  • Scratch posts
  • Bedding
  • Cat Toys
  • Electric Cat Litter Trays
  • Clothing for cat lovers

It could hurt your ranking on Google if your site is drenched with affiliate links especially if the content is very flaky.

Use Amazon links to inform and add value to your post with relevant products, I could potentially link across to laptops but I don’t have the knowledge to write in-depth and valuable resources about them and copying reviews is not something I would want to do without knowing the products inside out.

I have two laptops, both Macs mainly the reason being if one dies or needs attention I have a back up so I do alternate between the two as have one that stays at home and one that travels with me so if anything needs doing quickly whilst I am out and about then I can just do it.

I would advise reading the Google Affiliate Policy, this one unlike the lengthy Amazon rules is quite a quick and easy read.

How and Where Can I Use Amazon Links

Amazon is very strict with its rules and there are certain no nos that will get you quickly thrown out of the Amazon circle of trust. One of the these is not to use the links in emails this also means do not add in a blog post that is then emailed out to people using your automation software.

You can read more about the rules not to be broken here.