You can easily waste time when starting to blog as there is so much to think about but your main focus should be about getting content written and seen.

Remember the hungry fox saying!

A fox that chases two rabbits stays hungry – or something like that 🙂

Chinese Proverb

This relates to a few things in blogging which stopped me from really getting anywhere when I first started out.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Stop with the social lead chasing
  • Start one thing and finish it

Stop comparing yourself to others.

I could tell you that I got 20,000 hits yesterday across social media and made £/$ 10,000 – how do you know I didn’t?

You can look at someones Insta, Twitter or Facebook group and see thousands of followers or subscribers. You feel deflated as their content you feel may not be as good as the pillar post that you have spent hours creating and not a damn thing has come from it.

Do not see numbers of subscribers as that person being better than you, many are factual however some people will buy likes, followers and subscribers. Some people will have a plug in or create their own code to set the figures they want people to see.

Buying fake likes and followers doesn’t really do anything for you and the social platforms with the most up to date AI are pretty damn clever and you could find yourself blacklisted or thrown off sites for doing these kind of ‘black hat’ techniques.

Also these people aren’t going to interact with you or your content so what’s the point? You are not getting any return on your investment so don’t go there.

Once you have content though you do need to start looking at others in your field but not from the public view, have a look at the real metrics behind the scenes which I will cover later on as you don’t need this as a blog starter.

Stop with the social lead chasing

When I say this I mean the groups with the like for like etc, a number of the groups that run these will remove you from the group if you do not follow or like all links. You can literally spend hours liking and commenting on peoples posts or blogs and what are you getting out of it?

Saying that I do run with these when I initially start a new blog – the reason being is I want to hit a few likes to start with to make sure that I can create my FB user name or channel name quickly. I may hit the jackpot and find some people that are actually going to continue to follow me but I don’t hold my breath. Use it initially and maybe go back once a month if you feel you want another push but do not do it daily! You can find a list of Facebook and engagement pages here.

Site looks similar? Another project on the go – to test the theory of duplicate content and how it effects the Google ratings. You will also find as I have just changed the theme on there that I will use that as a training ground for some of the tutorials to show you how you can change the look of WordPress.

Start one thing and finish it!

I have so many drafts it’s crazy but many are literally just the title so I remember to go back and work on it. I have so many notepads with a hell of a lot of scribble in but they are easy to lose so at least if I have the title down it will jog my memory about what path I was going on with it.

If you start a number of posts at a time your content will not get seen and you will end up typing and typing without getting any feedback from your writing. Start, work on it, publish it and get it seen.

This is just another quick post which took me about 20 minutes, I have posts that take me 3 days mainly as I just grab an hour here and there, it’s very hard to keep going blogging when you have a busy life but if you want to really make a go of it set aside 20 minutes a day or a couple of hours on a weekend and keep going until you have something to publish.