With so many courses and apparent blog masters to choose from these days and new ones pop up daily what’s hot and what’s not in the blogisphere of blogging courses?

Seems like everyone is a pro blogger these days! There is a reason behind this which will be in a latter post.

Am I a pro blogger? I know more than a lot as my approach to learning was learn a lot first, test it, research it and then tell people about it. There is so much bull shit out there I didn’t want to be the same.

I also want to prove a point to two massively negative individuals in my life that do not share my passion or believe that anything is possible, as this is part of my determination I have to get the information right first time to relay it to you guys.

Are blogging courses all bad? No there as some that are very informative and not that bad at all.

An empty classroom in a school setting, as most blogging courses are done on line i thought it fitting

There are however many that have been created recently through the likes of Teachable and Kajabi (which are excellent course hosts) that really don’t give you that much in-depth information and you are still left looking blankly at your screen. If you can teach something in real detail which will benefit your audience then I would suggest you look into these guys.

A good clue is in the marketing of the courses and if they sound like a pure sales pitch based on peoples desperation to make money. Sadly many people are searching for ways to make money and blogging is way up there in the top 5 of many lists.

Funny little video created with Animaker

I have created my own course (well of course I have) but I am publishing it through the Learn Section and via YouTube. You don’t have to pay for it! I have a course plan laid out but I also want to be able to answer the right questions that YOU want to know about. I want to help people struggling with certain areas in their journey.

Mine isn’t going to be flash and fancy, it’s about sharing my knowledge to you guys without the high costs involved in it. I could go and get camera equipment, lighting, host on a platform, create a click funnel but I don’t need to.

Recommended Blogging Courses

If you want flash but still informative and detailed then I would recommend ClickBank University and Income School. I learnt so much from these guys and they enthused me and really built up my inner drive for success.

Income Schools Project 24 was a huge turning point for me as it really made me focus on finding out the truth behind all the smoke and mirrors bull shit that is on there. These guys are amazing and there is approach is a similar one that I am trying to follow by only giving you the relevant info that you need.

Now I have purposely kept this post very plain and dull as later on the down the line when I gained the statistics on this and other more formatted and ‘pretty’ posts I will be able to share with you if this particular test works.

I learnt the hard way spending money I didn’t have at the time in learning to blog and I felt rather miffed that I had spent so much on chasing a dream. My FaceBook feed was full of new ‘influencer wannabes’ and I fell for their spiel. These guys can fix it all quickly though by really digging deep and doing some more research on the foundations they already have planted and really make it a success.

Anyone that has the balls to put themselves out there can command authority pretty quickly purely on confidence but don’t let the viewers down.

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