Blog Legally

Blogging Law

Law gavel on law books, wooden desk, dark background. picture to explain blog law and rules

Your mind is cramped with ideas, solutions, words and visions that you want to share with the world one of the last things you want to think about are blog rules and regulations when you’re itching to hammer the keyboard. Even as a hobby blogger you need to know the potential issues you could face […]

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Do I Have To Pay Tax As A Blogger?

Jigsaw puzzle pieces with word tax on grey background

Death and Taxes as they say are two sure things in life – not sure the latter is relevant to Mongolian Monks though for instance. Firstly do you have any kind of monetisation? The list below will help you with this if you answer no to all you are ok Run Google Adsense Have a […]

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Amazon Affiliate Program

image of a book cover with the no bullshit blogging guide and amazon affiliate written on the front

What Is The Amazon Affiliate Program? Millions of people know and trust Amazon and it will be one of their top ‘go to’ websites of choice to buy products due to the variety of items and Amazons strict policy of customer service for buyers. Amazon launched their program back in 1996 so probably well before […]

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