Getting Started

How Should I Choose My Blog Name?

note pad and pens with purple overlay saying choosing your blog name right first time

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is critical, getting this right first time means a lot less pain and annoyance at later stages, choosing the right blog name though is easy if you do these first: Your blog name is also going to be your brand, it will be what people find you up in […]

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Domain Hosting And Website Builders

A computer server room

Choosing the right sites to host and build your website is massively important and you could end up with a very costly experiment if you really don’t know what you are going to get. I honestly would highly recommend SiteGround and WordPress installation through them as this was by far the easiest solution for what […]

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Blogging Courses

With so many courses and apparent blog masters to choose from these days and new ones pop up daily what’s hot and what’s not in the blogisphere of blogging courses? Seems like everyone is a pro blogger these days! There is a reason behind this which will be in a latter post. Am I a […]

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How To Start Blogging

Blogging First Steps

The No Bullshit Blogging way of starting your blog without all the unnecessary crap that you don’t actually need. A fun and informative resource for business, niche and hobby bloggers on getting their content right and reaching out to their audience. No Bullshit Blogging Intro If you’ve watched my video you will have landed right […]

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