Choosing the right sites to host and build your website is massively important and you could end up with a very costly experiment if you really don’t know what you are going to get.

I honestly would highly recommend SiteGround and WordPress installation through them as this was by far the easiest solution for what I wanted to achieve. However there are others that also are worth noting.

So who is there to choose from?

There are so many so I’m going to stick to the ones that I know about and have personal dealings with but there are many others. I’m going to review these alphabetically as that is the fairest way. The information below is based on my experience and opinions are my own.


My second experience of site building, simple to get set up but they fell down on their customer service as I had so many questions, tech side took quite a considerable time to come back to me with answers and I soon got fed up. They have since really improved their game and host millions of sites and have excellent uptime rate.

WordPress is a very simple install and so are the free plugins that you get with the service, when you sign up you get a free domain or you can move your domain over to them.

Site Builder

My first site and it was dire as but again I was a newbie and if I went back to have a play around I’d probably create something wonderful however there are some bigger issues which as I like being able to manipulate the site as to how I want it to look and play around with the SEO. With it being a drag and drop function you can make a site quite quickly especially if using their templates.


My personal best experience and why I highly recommend these guys. The support they give on even the most stupid of queries is fantastic. Still being quite green when I moved here I only had to ask and they often did some of the tasks for me as I was honest with them I had no clue. Very simple to operate, the control panel for the background is easy whether it’s setting up SSL or your emails nothing is too taxing. Support take less than a minute in many cases to answer you.

Web Hosting


It’s great if you want to don’t want to grow big, the website templates are very clean and functional. If you want a small hobby site or running a small local business this can really work for you and keep it nice and simple.

Once you have chosen your hosting, domain and platform that’s when it gets fun and creative. The hardest part so far was choosing your niche, then this part. All the hard work is now out of the way!