If you’re a start up business it may not be an option to secure brand and trademarks as you are trying something new and you want to see how it runs before you spend money securing it.

To have it cemented you really do need to seek legal advice and make sure you are protected. However you can deter newbies to the game especially as everyone seems to be creating blogs and websites willy nilly by having disclaimers on your website which you can read about more here.

The main deterrent to individuals is the social network availability on a name. The best place to find this out is via Namecheckr so I’m going to use an example here and choosing ‘BEST BUY HAIR CARE’. You can see the results below.

The above image tells me at the time of taking this screen shot that ‘best buy hair care’ is available against all major social networks that people use. So if I was a blogger would I use it and buy the domain – only if I was making a passive income site and could have enough intel to make my audience buy from me as this is quite a good domain available.

I went through a stage of loosing my hair quite drastically and anyone that has seen my YouTube videos you will see I have a lot of it but when the wind caught it I had obvious bald spots – not minor but huge! I have frizzy hair and it’s a nightmare to control without certain products I’ve learnt to love.

Now Namecheckr could come up with some exclamation marks against certain social networks however it may not mean that someone has already nicked them it may just be the set up of the handle allowed. Twitter for instant only has 15 characters that you can use.

If you are unsure and want any advice don’t forget to email me on admin@nobullshitblogging.com.