You should now have a good idea of your niche or website/blog subject if you have followed step one of the free blogging course and so putting that all together you need to think or a brand name for your creation.

The reason for you to hold off on choosing your hosting decision until now is that you can buy the domain with the hosting or in some cases you get a free one.

Do not let free offers or extra add ons cloud your judgment on who to host with it can get quite messy transferring websites and domains when you are quite far down the line and decide it’s not for you.

If you have a domain you are wanting to transfer over it does take time depending on the original registrar that you have it registered too and can when you’re all fired up to hammer the key board, waiting to start setting it up can be sooooo frustrating.

Read through and take the steps in Choosing Your Blog Name

How To Create A Blog Logo

Once you have decided on your blog name and brand time to think about a logo, I use two services regularly:

One of the great elements Logojoy gives is if you do take up the paid version which is incredibly reasonable compared to using a designer for your logo they give you your logo in many different logo formats which saves you trying to swap and change your logo to the social platform sizes.

Canva has huge potential for bloggers making the visuals for you blog posts really stand out and I would highly recommend you joining them. It is free unless you decide to upgrade. Upgrading gives you extra images that you don’t have to pay for but you really don’t need to upgrade initially. Further in this blogging course I will show you some hints and tips for Canva in easy visual creations.

The below logo was created within 10 minutes for a project launching late 2019.

Fuzzy Lion Logo, pictured here as an example of quick logo creation in the free blogging course

Once you have your hosting, name and logo you are ready to create and use your site like an artist will use an easel, in the next step you can start to explore themes and how you want your site to look.

Make sure you have a notepad handy wherever you are on write notes on your phone as inspiration can come at any time and the more involved you get in blogging the more creative your mind becomes.