Your niche is going to be your website content backbone, you can move into other areas that are relevant but it is going to the main content of your site so that search engines and viewers will see you know what you are talking about. Let me show you how!

Choosing A Niche

Goal: Narrow down a small list of potential niches to enter

Resources: Google, Forum directories, Article Directories, Facebook Groups

When doing your research you will be looking to cover these two points.

  1. Profitability.
  2. Personal interest.

How to come up with niche ideas:

  • Brainstorming your interests
  • Listing what you are good at
  • Browse forum directories
  • Browse article directories
  • Join Facebook Pages and groups
  • Use a Google to expand on your list of ideas

There are so many things to consider when choosing a topic for your blog. When it comes to authority blogging it is very important that you select a topic that you’re going to be willing to invest a lot of time in. Authority blogging is much different than building smaller niche sites and it requires a lot of content and a lot of work.

Try to choose something that is both something you’re passionate about or have an interest in learning about. Also, you want to choose something that’s profitable.

It of course needs to be something that other people are passionate about and are willing to spend money on.

Lets look at an example:

Interest: Green Living – This is a huge growth area at time of writing this

green living forums

Within these forums you can get so much information. In this next screenshot you can see how a simple forum can help you narrow down your niche into further categories. We already have in one shot, ‘Green Home’, ‘The Great Outdoors and 3 in one with ‘Green Energy, Construction and Transport’. The further down you go the more passionate of an audience you can find. This is where you have a better chance to build an audience and profit from. Take a look below.

inside the green living forum

Moving on from here you can go along to Ezinearticles to get some ideas. I just typed ‘Green’ into the search engine and it came up with the below which gives me some ideas on what people are already writing. DO NOT COPY! The best way to become a niche authority figure is look at what is out there and make it better. More genuine content than what is already out there.

screen shot of ezine magazine green articles

Take your time and go through all these sites and make a long list of potential niche ideas. Then narrow it down into things you are most interested in blogging about. With authority blogs you want to have a lot of people searching for the topics you cover.

You need to have enough people searching for the topic but it not be too competitive, from this you can find relevant Amazon items that you can promote through the Amazon affiliate program or gain money through Google Adsense. One step further from this if you have got the niche right and you have the daily page views you can then reach out to brands or land sponsorships.

There is money to made in lifestyle blogging but you are seriously going to have your work cut out for you in this type of role as you are going to become the brand and people searching for you alone is going to mean you are hammering social media constantly or looking for that viral content to get you there.

You’re ‘niche’ unless you are a social junkie is going to make or break you. If you chasing a 6 figure income it’s possible but be realistic unless you already have massive following it’s going to be hard work!

Nothing is impossible though! But it won’t land on your lap!

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Happy Blogging!